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Rehabilitation of running addicts
Say No to running!

Our consultant will contact you to tell how to help your dear one to cope with a running addiction. We can help you to get rid even of triathlon addiction!

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years of successful rehabilitation experience
specialists in the team
of patients stop running forever
people took a new lease of life
We treat all kinds of sport addictions

The program helps to cope with the following types of addictions:

  • Running addiction
  • Swimming addiction
  • Yoga addiction
  • Triathlon addiction
  • Сross-country skiing addiction
  • CrossFit addiction
  • Cycling addiction
  • Team sport addiction
  • Alpine skiing and snowboard addictions
  • And other addictions
We are stretching a helping hand even to experienced marathon runners.
To people with a long running experience
To running addict girls and women (we use a special approach)
To running seekers with athletic titles
5 steps to rock out running
1. Demotivation
We will help the runner realize that running is a big piece of shit.
2. Intoxication
We will stuff the runner with drugs and alcohol.
3. Disorientation
We will mess your sleep and nutrition up.
4. Degradation
We are eliminating psychological reasons that led to running by making you drink, smoke and start easy living.
5. Resocialization
We are helping to restore relations with ex-pals and get drinking pals to have a mind-blowing booze.
Lifetime support and a 1-year guarantee against the addiction relapse.
Are your relatives in this horrible addiction as well?
Do you notice they started changing in a quite noticeable way?
Do they tend to cover larger distances each month?
Do they swear to bring an end to it once and for all but fail over and over?
Have you tried all you could but it helped you nothing?
They are still not past praying for!
What will you get?
Using psychological techniques, our experts gently convince a person of the need to quit running just smoothly diverting him/her from the sober ways.
24/7 support
In a need of help, call us at any time. We come with a giggle bottle and a large pizza washing your brain and telling about reasons or existence.
To start the treatment, we need to define the running experience and our expert, an athletic drunkard and the winner of Ironmen World Championship, do it best of all.
No examination
No matter how healthy patient is. Using our degradation program, we make your strapping fellow sick, sleepy and tired.
Full-fledged course
Our treatment program includes all stages ranging from gaining weight to deleting accounts in sport societies. We work out new life values that have nothing to do with sport and running.
Working with relatives
Along with helping runners and triathletes, we also support their inner circle which often suffers from co-addiction, permanent spendings on equipment, competitions and endless conversations about running.
Good company
We are determined to help you with difficult choices in terms of alcohol, cigarettes and a good company.
Comfortable conditions
You will be treated in a change-friendly atmosphere. The absence of treadmills and gyms has a positive influence on the body as well as satellite TV in every room does, while a king-sized bar makes the treatment enjoyable.
Doesn`t he/she desire to be treated?
Tell us where the patient is training and we ourselves will catch him.
We will beat the shit out of him and take away his running shoes.
And then we will drink him under the table in a restaurant.
He will definitely forget about his running shoes at least for two days!
Our partners
«Depression Is My Profession» movement
"Self-liquored man" Brewing Co.
WDA – World Doping Agency
Runners Legal Defense Fund (RLDF)
Our experts
Mr. Booze
Alcoholic expert with more-than-19-years qualifying period
Veteran junkie with more-than-7-years qualifying period.
«Yo, nigga wassup?»
Unemployed guy — weight: 123 kg. Master of DotA2
Our program includes:
  • Collective booze
  • Cultivation of irresponsibility
  • Set-out everytime
  • Engraining of dangerous habits
  • Formation of amoral attitudes
  • Dismay and depression
  • Procrastination
  • Self-flagellation
  • Spare time events
  • Alcoholic therapy
  • Watching the series 24/7
  • Blood cholesterol maintenance
Lifetime support and a 1-year guarantee against the addiction relapse.
On condition of anonymity
  • Runners friends won`t know about the treatment
  • We will continue to publish his selfies from races
  • Sportsmen have no access on the territory of our center
of patients gave running over
Several facts about running addiction treatment
Running addiction is NOT treated at home
It is possible to get rid of addiction only in a rehabilitation center under the constant supervision of specialists.
There are NO fast methods of treatment
Running is a serious problem which is exacerbated by pain in the knees and other injuries. Minimum course of treatment is 6 months.
It is absolutely normal to treat the disease WITHOUT the desire of addict
Only one of ten running addicts agrees to get treatment. Our specialists can really demotivate the sportsman.

If there is a need, we use violence
Runners, triathletes and swimmers are physically strong, but very weak-willed and can easily start to take exercises again, that`s why we practice the forced retention of patients in the center. If necessary, we tie them with handcuffs to the battery.
The running community is a sect and requires an appropriate treatment
There is work with our authorities at the core of the program. We use prohibited techniques based on religious teachings, because it`s almost impossible to treat an addict without them. Physical activity and sport in the center are strictly prohibited by our doctors.
100% guarantee
Out guarantees
100% guarantee that we will force the runner to quit trainings
The absolute guarantee of confidentiality in running communities
The individual approach and care which he will no fucking way escape from
Guarantee against the addiction relapse! In the opposite case, we will provide an addict with one month of free caloric food and beer.
Does your close person running addict?

You have tried everything. You forced, tried to persuade, frightened, explained, but nothing helps. You have no more forces to fight, but your near and dear one is still running. Is it about you?

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Save before it`s not too late
Customer feedback
«At that time I learned that my son was running, he was 19. After that we have been trying to solve this problem for 4 years. After all, we didn`t want that somebody spoke about our family in a bad way, so we were closing our son in the house, hiding his running shoes and so on. Some of that really helped, but not for long. He still got up early in the morning and run barefoot!!! He was always using abusive words, saying that it is necessary for him to do the GPP and insisted to take the dimensions of his BPM after it. I still don`t know which dealer sold him this horrible vVO2max which he always spoke about with lunatic eyes! Only after that my husband and I decided to take him to the rehabilitation center "Stop Runners". A full course of treatment lasted for 2 years, but if we asked for help earlier, it would take much less time. But the most important thing is that our son finally resumed a normal existence, no longer run, put on some weight, so now he weighs 30 kg more than before! Now our dear sonny is always at home, and we are calm.»

Jennifer, the mother of the running addict
Running is just the beginning!

Save the life of your dear one. Do not wait when he/she cast prudence to the winds and stat to run in triathlon. Otherwise, it will be too late!

Save runner

Guaranteed results!
In the case of addiction relapse, we will break his god damn legs – for free!

*..And beat off the toes as well as the shit out of his head!

100% guarantee
The cost of rehabilitation
$2  $1 Up to  50% off  only 3 days!
per month

The price includes: 14 bottles of whisky "Soaring drunken eagles", 10 packs of cigarettes "Dead horse", all-inclusive nutrition in "MakDonaldDuck". Bonus: recycling of sports equipment for free!

We will call you within few minutes and tell how to stop running

Thank you! Your application has been sent!

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Sorry, all hospital wards are occupied.

Support running addicts!

Hundreds of running addicts are treating from this serious disease. Help them to take a new lease of life! Only 1$ are enough for the whole one month of rehabilitation of one running seeker.

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